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What Do Programmers Wear to Work?

The posts that I write for this blog are aimed at answering questions non-programmers and aspiring programmers have about being a programmer.  This results in me answering some questions that seem perfectly natural.  But it also results in questions that surprise me.  “What do programmers wear to work?” is one of the surprising ones.

I can answer this question in a paragraph.  But I can also answer it with an entire post.  Let’s start with a paragraph.

What do programmers wear to work?

The answer is that it really varies.  Asking what programmers wear to work is like asking what people who work corporate jobs wear to work.

On average, programmers probably dress somewhat more casually than the average worker.  But there are programmers who come to work in suits and programmers who come to work in pajamas.  What programmers wear to work has a lot more to do with the company than with the profession.

But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to talk about when it comes to how programmers dress.

Instead of trying to describe programmers at large, let’s break things down by the dress code.  Assume that you want to be a programmer.  Let’s look at each style of dress and where you might encounter it.

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Full stack of cards

What is a Full Stack Developer, Anyway?

“What is a full stack developer” is a question that mystifies non-programmers.  I understand this because I run a content agency that pairs techies with non-technical editors.  The term comes up, and those not steeped in tech kind of squint at you if you say that and ask, “what….?”

What Is a Full Stack Developer?  The Short Version

So first, let’s give the short, direct answer to this question.  A “full stack” developer is a software developer with a general enough skill set to build all required components for a working piece of software.  They can handle the database, the programming logic, and the user interface, and they put it all together to deliver.

In a nutshell, that’s what we software people mean when we toss around this term.  But I can understand if you’re still scratching your head.  You’re probably wondering about some things now.

  • Why is it some kind of special thing that a software developer knows how to build all of the parts of the software?
  • Why is writing all of the software called “stack” and what does it mean for it to be “full?”
  • What is the origin of this expression?
  • How does one become a full stack developer?
  • Should you want to be a full stack developer?

For the rest of this post, I’m going to answer those questions.  When you’re finished, you’ll know everything you could ever have wanted to know about the term “full stack developer” and some things about software development in general, besides.

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