Someone worried about programming being hard

Is Programming Hard? Here’s What You Need to Know

Is programming hard?

This is a question many non-programmers ask me.  This makes it rank up there with questions like, “do programmers work from home” and “what kind of education do you need to be a programmer?”  Inquiring minds want to know.

But unlike some of those questions, this one is actually pretty tough.  It’s a simple question, but the answer is very nuanced.

So let’s dive into it, in detail, and help you understand whether programming is difficult or not.

Is Programming Hard?  The Short Answer

So first off, let’s tackle the question with a short and direct answer.  This will set the stage for the remainder of the post.

Is programming hard?

Well, as consultants like to say, “it depends.”  Whether programming is hard or not depends on many factors, such as the specific type of programming and how you, as an individual, think.  So the short answer is that programming really runs the gamut from surprisingly easy to insanely difficult.

Think of this way.  Try answering some of these questions based on your experience:

  • Is playing basketball difficult?
  • Is speaking Portuguese hard?
  • What about driving a car?  Is that tough?

You can see why I’m hedging and saying, “ehhh… it depends.”

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