What is the Best Way to Learn C#? A Complete Introduction

Let’s talk about learning today.  Specifically, let’s talk about learning a programming language.  What’s the best way to learn C#?

For the most part on this blog, we’ve answered questions that non-programmers might have about the world of programming when they’re thinking of breaking in.  And while I suppose learning a programming language could fall into this category, it’s a little more specific.

But I wanted to examine this topic with a blog post for a specific reason.  I happened to Google “best way to learn C#” and find that something was consistently missing from the results.

Don’t get me wrong.

The results are helpful.  It’s just that they seem to focus exclusively on providing you with lots of links to various tutorials and websites.  And while resources certainly matter to your learning process, there’s a lot more to teaching someone a language than just “here’s a bunch of links, go do it.”

So today, let’s talk about learning C#.  I’ll definitely offer some suggestions for learning, tutorials, and reading, but I want to answer this question more comprehensively.  Here’s the best way, in my opinion, to go about learning this language that I happen to love.

What’s the Best Way to Learn C#?  The tl;dr

Alright, so here’s the short version.  The best way to learn C# is with a combination of an introduction to the language concepts followed immediately by practice in the form of exercises.

  1. Read about/watch a video about/learn about a new concept.
  2. Write a small program (or expand an existing one) in which you reinforce the learning with applied practice.
  3. Move on and do this with more and more concepts.
  4. Periodically revisit previous lessons to reinforce them.

After doing this for some time, you’ll have enough tools in your tool chest to begin writing actual programs that you maintain.

But before we can get into the specifics of that, let’s clear up some potential misconceptions around C# that you may have.  After all, it’s tough to talk about the best way to learn something when you’re not clear on what, exactly, you’re learning.

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