Lessons From a Veteran: Gabriel Aizcorbe on Unexpected Lessons

This post is part of a series interviewing veteran developers, asking them questions about their journey to tech mastery and sharing the advice they have for those getting started. Today we cover a lot of topics, from whether you should go into programming or IT to being specific about what you set out to learn to the lessons you’ll never learn until you start working.

Gabriel AizcorbeAnd we’re learning about all of these things from Gabriel Aizcorbe. Gabriel got into IT when he received his first 8088 at 14 years old. From then on, his whole life was about computers, programming languages, and learning more. As a project manager with PMP and agile methodologies, he gained experience in all kinds of projects in the local and international markets. He has a deep passion for data and analysis and is striving to launch a startup devoted to data manipulation and analysis while he works as DBA/BI consultant.

Let’s hear about the lessons he’s learned on his journey.

Basic logistics: Stack? How long have you been doing it?

I’m a bit of an “un-stacked” person—more a “free soul,” if you will. I prefer to mix my own tools as I need to in order to achieve a goal. But, if I had to associate myself with a stack, based on the tools I use the most I would say  Microsoft stack. Either way, I have enough flexibility to change to a MEAN stack or whatever else comes along. In the end, they are still development tools.

And since when? Well, I started self-teaching when I was 14 years old. But let’s say that, formally, my first big development job was at 25. So I’ve been working for more than 20 years.
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