Lessons From a Veteran: Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

This post is part of a series interviewing veteran developers, asking them questions about their journey to tech mastery and sharing the advice they have for those getting started.

Today, Omkar Hiremath is telling us about lessons he’s learned during his journey as a programmer. Omkar uses his BE in computer science to share theoretical and demo-based learning on various areas of technology, like ethical hacking, Python, blockchain, and Hadoop.

Let’s find out what advice he has for new programmers.

Basic logistics: Stack? How long have you been doing it?

Python code on a phone screen
Credit: Pixabay.com

I started programming when I was in school. Like everybody, I started with C and C++. But when I started programming in Python, I never felt like going back or changing. What interests me about Python is that there’s a library for almost everything.

I’ve been programming since 2012.  Apart from my work with Python, I’ve done a decent amount of Java programming, mainly for Hadoop, and Bash scripting. But if I have to talk about what I regularly work with, that would be Python and ethical hacking tools because I’m also into cybersecurity.

What made you want to go into programming?

Something about computers always grabbed my attention. I started using a computer when I was 7 years old, and computers have always been like magic to me. I was very curious to know how computers work. That’s where it all started. I started researching and learning about computers and how they work. And one day I read about what a computer code is.

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